SG Standards

The letter after item name [J] means Japanese  version and [E] means English version.

Most of English version is not updated but you can view the SG Standards for your reference.

In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail. 

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Group 1. Products for babies and infants
Stroller [J] [E]
Infant walker [J] 
Swing [J] [E]
Playground Slide [J] [E]
Horizontal Bar for Infant [J] [E]
Tricycle for Infant [J] [E]
Foot Operated Toy Car [J] 
Crib [J] [E]
Soft Carrier for Infant / Children [J] [E]
Infant High Chair [J]
Telescoping Pole for Paper Carp [J] 
Infant Carrier [J] [E]
Protective gate for Infant [J] 
Swing for One Person [J] 
Infant Chair [J]
Playpen [J] [E]
Table Attaching Type Infant Chair [J] 
Carry-cot [J] 
Rack for Infant and Children [J] [E]
Bed Guards for Children [J] 
Baby Bouncers [J] [E]


Group 2. Goods for the aged 
Walking Sticks [J] [E]
Portable Toilet Seats for aged [J] 
Walking trolleys for aged [J] [E]
Manual Wheelchairs [J] 
Rollators for Disabled  Persons [J] [E]
Electrically Operated Beds in home use [J] 
Portable Toilet for aged [J] 
Bath / Shower Chair for aged [J] [E]
Chairs and Seats with an Electrical Mechanism to Assist Standing up and Sitting down [J]


Group 3. Furniture and Household utensils 
Spring Mattress for Household Use [J] 
Shopping Cart [J] 
Metal Stepladder for Household Use [J] 
Bunk bed [J] 
Plastic Cover for Bathtub [J]
Hot Water Bottle for Warming Purposes [J] [E]
Metal Ladders for Household Use [J] 
Toilet Paper Holder [J] 
Mailbox [J] 
Kitchen Cabinet [J] 
Adhesive Hook [J] 
Children’s Chest [J] 
Legless Chair (for tatami rooms) [J] 
Outdoor Dryer [J] 
Storage Cabinet for Kitchen [J] 
Tension Shelf and Rod [J] 
Rotary Hanger [J] 
Motor Operated Whirlpool Bathtub Appliance [J] 
Ironing Board for Home-use [J]

Group 4. Kitchen utensils 
Household Pressure Pot and Pressure Cooking Pot [J] [E]
Can Opener [J] 
Cooking Oil Filter [J] 
Ice Crusher [J] 
Metal Pot [J] 
Saucepan Made of Aluminum Plate [J]
Cookware for IH heater [J] [E]
Thermal Bottle [J]

Group 5. Equipment for Sport and Leisure 
Baseball and softball Helmet [J] 
Swimming Mask [J] 
Beach Umbrella [J] 
Non Wood Bat [J] 
Shoes Type Riding Gear with Wheels [J] [E]
Rope for Mountain Climbing [J] 
Net for Golf Practicing [J] 
Climber’s Helmet [J] 
Badminton Racket [J] 
Portable Soccer Goal for School Gymnastics [J] 
Portable Handball Goal for School Gymnastics [J] 
Vaulting Box for Physical Training [J] 
Spring Board of Vaulting Box for Physical Training [J] 
Mat for Physical Training [J] 
Volleyball Equipment [J] 
Catcher Helmet for Baseball and Softball [J] 
Movable Basketball Equipment [J] 
Golf Club Shaft [J]
Golf Club [J]
Camping Tent [J] [E]
Board Type Riding Gear with Wheels [J] [E]
Shock Absorbing Pad for Sports [J] 
Protective Headgear for Baseball Pitcher [J] 
Shinai for Kendo [J] 
Kendo Equipments and gear [J] 
Protective Helmet for Winter-Sports [J] [E]
Protective Headgear for Winter-Sports [J] [E]
Trekking-Poles [J] [E]
Heart Protector for Baseball and Softball [J] 
Table tennis tables [J] 
Walking-Sports-Poles [J] [E]
Catcher's Mask [J] 
Movable Futsal Goal [J] 
Teeball bat [J] 
Event Tent [J]

Group 6. Fitness Equipment for Home-use 
Chest Exerciser [J] 
Gymnastic Chinning Apparatus [J] 
Skipping Rope [J] [E]
Stationary Exercise Cycle Trainers for Home-use [J] 
Treadmills for Home-use [J] 
Strength Training Equipments for Home-use [J] 
Steppers [J]

Group 7. Equipment for Bicycle and Automobile 
Motorcycle Helmet [J] [E]
Windshield Washer Liquid [J] 
Portable Car Jack [J] 
Bicycles [J] 
Helmet for Users of Bicycles, Electromotive Wheelchairs etc. and Running Play Gears [J] 
Child Carriers for Bicycles [J] [E]
Air Pumps [J] 
Hydraulic garage jacks for automobiles [J][E]

Group 8. Others 
Cotton Applicator [J] 
Lighter [J] 
Children's Umbrella [J] 
Supermarket Trolley [J] 
Pole Pruner [J] 
Hand Sprayers [J] 
Portable Laser Applied Appliances [J]