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第45号 2022年度以降の確認審査等の進め方についてInspections of Registered Factories


Inspections of Registered Factories


 The reliability of the products labeled SG Marks is essential for the retail or manufacturing companies to increase and retain their trusts from the customers and the business partners. As advised, the Inspections for Confirmation or Renewal of Registration will be conducted periodically from FY2022. The registration of a factory will be effective for six years and the Inspection for Confirmation should be conducted three years after the registration or renewal of the registration. The factories which have not used SG Marks for long period of time will be subject to the Inspection for Renewal of the Registration. The timing of the Inspection for Confirmation/Renewal of Registration for the factories which have been registered for years is decided not by the timing of the registration but by the expiration date of the effective Certification(s) of Model Product(s) for the convenience of the factories. The Inspections will be simplified as possible with rational considerations. The details are shown as follows.

The factories registered in FY2020 or FY2021

The Inspection for Confirmation will be conducted three years after the registration. The inspection is done by examination of documents, in principle.

2. 長年(2022年度上半期時点で6年以上)SGマークの使用実績がない工場
The factories which will have not used SG Marks for six years or more by September 30, 2022.

The factories which were registered many years ago and all the certifications of the model product expired in FY2016 or before must apply for extension by the end of the first quarter of the FY 2022. When an application for extension is received, the Inspection for Renewal of Registration will be conducted in the first half of FY2022. If extension of registration is not requested, or the factory fails to pass the inspection, the registration of the factory will be cancelled as of October 1, 2022.

Other than the situations above.

When the certification of Model Product expired in FY2017 or later for the factories registered in FY2019 or before, the Inspection for Confirmation will be conducted at the timings as follow. The inspection is done by examination of documents in principle.

(ア) 保有する型式で有効期限の最も先のものが2022年度以降となる場合は、その時点。
The timing of the most future expiration date of the certification of Model Product if it is in FY2022 or after.

(イ) 所有していた型式で有効期限の直近のものが2021年度だった場合は、その1年後。
One year after the most recent expiration date of the certification of Model Product if it was in FY2021.

(ウ) 所有していた型式で有効期限の直近のものが2020~2017年度だった場合は、2022年度上半期(ただし申請は第一四半期中)。
The first half of the FY2022 if the most recent certification expired in FY2017-2020 (application must be made during the 1Q of FY2022)

The Inspections or Confirmation/Renewal of Registration for multiple products can be done at once at the timing of the most future timing of the inspection of the product among them. Necessary information for all products needs to be filed for inspection, otherwise, the registration for an item with a lack of information will be cancelled.

Please check the notification of Inspection to each factory which will be sent separately.

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